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This is why I keep playing Weapon Shop

Like right after I told everyone to definitely pick up Weapon Shop de Omasse from the eShop, I felt guilty because it isn’t for everyone. It has some bright spots, but this weapon rental sim can also get boring at points — I have a habit of getting carried away with hyping games just because they surprised me with something cute or different (see Contact or the entire GG Series).

What keeps me coming back to this flawed title from Level-5’s Guild01 collection, though, is its Twitter-esque stream of messages that pop up in the background while you play, posted by customers who’ve rented your weapons and other adventurers. The “Grindcast” service delivers updates that play on RPG tropes, gaming/geek culture in-jokes, and just pure nonsense. It even has characters using ridiculous hashtags, or in the case of Grandma Snow, not knowing how to use hashtags at all.

So it’s not for everyone, but it’s very amusing if you’re into taking a peek at the lives of NPCs from RPGs when you’re not all up in their business. It’s the most fun I’ve had on a social network ever since Maré Odomo scaled back his tweet output. :o( Thanks to Pretzelhog, Derek, Joel, and Meg for the screens (I love all the Grindcast updates people are posting on Miiverse).


Love this game so much. So clever. XD

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That’s us, Tumblr !!!!! (x)

ALWAYS reblog Emma Thompson.

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I can relate.

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So hey, guess what, someone’s actually been trying to apply the PS2 translation of La Pucelle Tactics to the PSP Japan-only game, La Pucelle Ragnarok! And in fact, they’re nearly done with the main chapters, and only have…

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Favorite part in new Hobbit.


Favorite part in new Hobbit.

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OMG this


OMG this

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